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Roofing Restoration Sydney

Roofing ServicesAre you looking to restore your roof, but worried about hiring a contractor? Or is your roof in need of a new coat of paint and you’re still searching for the right roof restoration service provider?

Roofing is a challenging job – an enormous investment too. Your roof plays the biggest role in keeping all the external elements out; so when a roof requires being restored or needs a repaint or a thorough cleaning, you have little time to waste. It is hard to find a restoration service that fits your wallet, respects your privacy and will accommodate your busy schedule. Not anymore….

High Class Roofing – Your High-Class Roof Restoration Experts

As a professional roof restoration service provider, High-Class Roofing has been proudly restoring roofs in and around Sydney for more than 20 years. High Class Roofing comes with a proven track record of working on all kinds of roof restoration projects – be it residential, commercial, big or small. We pride ourselves on providing a level of service that looks after the needs of our customers. After all, we come with two decades of experience, the best affordable rates, free inspection and quote.


The roof protects us from the harsh weather conditions. Whether it is a shiny day or a rainy night, we feel safe and secure inside the walls of our home because of the strong roof over our heads. While most people take regular care of other parts of the home, roofs are often neglected. Generally, the roofs are attended to when they start showing signs of problems. We seem to forget that with regular maintenance and care, roofs can stay strong for longer periods. Roof cleaning Sydney is one of the most important processes in roof maintenance. A clean roof not only adds to the beauty of the property but also adds to its value. Roof cleaning requires specialized skills and knowledge. Hence, trained restoration experts are best suited to carry it out. As an experienced roof restoration service provider, we offer you the best solutions for cleaning your roofs. The best way to ensure your roof stays clean and strong is by opting for roof cleaning services at least once a year. A regular roof cleaning schedule would make your roof cleaner, stronger and long-lasting.
Why bother cleaning the roof, as it will be exposed to the weather and dirt from the next moment of cleaning – some may ask. Roof cleaning is beneficial in the long run because it brings back the lost glory and shines to your roof. For instance, even a small patch of algae stain could ruin the beauty of your roof. Furthermore, a roof covered with leaves and other particles could eventually lead to clogged drains. Roof cleaning is recommended to eliminate this and other such damaging factors.
In the harsh Australian weather, concrete tiles do a fine job of standing up against the hot sun. But, the truth is that Concrete tiles do in fact deteriorate over time. However, our workforce is fully trained to provide the best and safest restoration options that will achieve the desired result of restoring your roof. We first remove all the broken roof tiles and replace with a similar type tile. We then pressure clean the entire roof area from top to bottom. The next step is to re-point all the ridge caps by applying flexible pointing mortar. Lastly, we apply a primer coat and a color of your choice.
Colorbond Roofing is widely accepted in Australia and is the perfect balance between the modernity of appearance and a durable, cost-effective treatment to roofs. But like any roof, they do require maintenance and repair. The first step is to treat the roof for any rust by grinding and applying a rust converter on the roof. We then replace the sheets that are beyond repair. The next step is to remove any nails or screws that are loose. Finally, the roof is pressure cleaned and given a coat of primer followed by a color of your choice. If you are looking to restore your Colourbond Roofing to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we are the ideal partners to do a perfect job.

What We Do

Roof restoration

Facing those irritating leaks from the roof of your home? Our roofing experts are trained to restore your roof that will protect your investment.

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Roof repairs

Missing a few shingles on your roof? As roof restoration specialists for over 20 years, we cater to every type of roof tile, regardless of material and design.

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Roof painting

With high-quality paints, along with professional and efficient application process, we can ensure a resistant and long-lasting roof paint finish.

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Roof cleaning

By performing roof cleaning as soon as needed, we remove all the dust, dirt and grime, and prevent small issues from turning into big problems.

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Are your gutters clogged with leaves? With guttering services available, we make sure that your new roof stays in good condition for years to come.

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Quality restoration job

Our experts know that using the best products will always give you the best result, once the project is finished.

Value for money services

At High Class Roofing there are no hidden costs. We create detailed proposals that clearly outline our restoration services and the total cost.

Attention to details

Before commencing on any restoration service, our experts will do a walk through to assess the project.

Provide timely and prompt services

As we know how important the timing of the finished project is, it is our goal to complete the task at hand within the time specified.

Well-trained roof experts

All our restoration experts are experienced, professional, dependable, and licensed.

Customer satisfaction

We take pride in completing the restoration job on time and to your 100% satisfaction.

Free inspection and quote

We carry out free inspections and give free quotes to every customer.

Competitive prices

Our restoration services guarantee a quality job at competitive prices.

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