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We are one of the most experienced family-owned roof restoration companies in Australia. During our 20+ years of service, we have gained thousands of happy customers all across the country. We take pride in rendering reliable, professional roof restoration services all over the country. We have gained the confidence of our customers that they have no qualms recommending us to their friends and families.

Founded as a family owned business, High Class Roofing now offers the best of both worlds. Our well-trained workforce is well versed with the latest technologies and innovations in the field. At the same time, we have been able to sustain the warmth of dealing with a family enterprise.

We believe in building relationships – our clients would vouch for our reliability, professionalism, and friendliness. Our services are affordable as we provide you with the best solutions to suit your budget. Our experience in roof restoration comes as an added advantage as we bring to you the knowledge gained on the job and not just on paper.

If you wish to know more about roof restoration and us, call on 0405 229 765. We will be happy to offer you a free inspection and quote.


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Why Choose Us

Quality restoration job

Our experts know that using the best products will always give you the best result, once the project is finished.

Value for money services

At High Class Roofing there are no hidden costs. We create detailed proposals that clearly outline our restoration services and the total cost.

Attention to details

Before commencing on any restoration service, our experts will do a walk through to assess the project.

Provide timely and prompt services

As we know how important the timing of the finished project is, it is our goal to complete the task at hand within the time specified.

Well-trained roof experts

All our restoration experts are experienced, professional, dependable, and licensed.

Customer satisfaction

We take pride in completing the restoration job on time and to your 100% satisfaction.

Free inspection and quote

We carry out free inspections and give free quotes to every customer.

Competitive prices

Our restoration services guarantee a quality job at competitive prices.

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