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Roof Leak Repair Sydney

High Class Roofing provides roof leak repair services for all types of roofs.


We deliver professional roof leak repair services to customers throughout the area. Our experienced roofers are dedicated to delivering top notch workmanship and customer service on every project. Moreover, we offer roof leak repair on top of our roof restoration and roof repair services.

We start by thoroughly inspecting the roof, looking for potential points of entry for moisture and assessing its overall condition. In addition, we repair the current leak by replacing broken shingles or flashing and sealing around vents or chimneys. To ensure the longevity of our repair, we use high-grade materials designed to withstand the elements and back our work with a 5-year warranty.

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We offer a comprehensive flat roof leak repair service. We specialise in repairing all types of flat roofs, including built-up roofs, single-ply membranes, and modified bitumen systems.

Leaks can occur in any type of roofing system due to a variety of causes. Age, poor installation, and damage from extreme weather are all potential causes of leaks. Leaks can cause water damage to your home or business and can lead to a host of other problems such as mould, mildew, and rot.

At High Class Roofing, we have the expertise to detect and repair flat roof leaks quickly and effectively. We provide customised solutions for each customer based on their particular roofing system. Our experienced technicians are trained in the latest technologies and only use high-quality materials.


High Class Roofing is an expert in metal roof leak repair. Whether your roof has been damaged by wind, hail, or other weather elements, our experienced professionals can help restore your roof and ensure it is properly sealed to protect your home from further damage.

Metal roofs are a popular choice for many homeowners because of their durability and energy efficiency. However, they do require regular maintenance and repairs in order to stay in top condition. When a metal roof leak occurs, it can be difficult to find and repair without the help of an experienced contractor.

At High Class Roofing, we specialise in metal roof leak repair. Our team of certified technicians are trained to swiftly pinpoint the source of the leak and then provide a customised solution that will effectively repair your roof and avoid potential damage.


Our professional roofers are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with tile roof leak repair. It is important to fix a leak in your tile roof as soon as possible. Our team can quickly and effectively repair roof leaks to restore structural integrity.

The first step in repairing a tile roof leak is to identify and repair the source of the leak. This may include locating and repairing any broken tiles, replacing damaged flashing, or sealing around penetrations. Equipped with the necessary tools, our team handles all these tasks, ensuring proper sealing and protection against future leaks for your roof.

After fixing the leak, our team will inspect the entire roof to ensure tile security and condition. This includes inspecting the roof’s flashing, underlayment, and any other areas where water may be getting in. If any additional repairs are needed, our team can provide the necessary services to get your roof back in shape.


We specialise in concrete roof leak repair by sealing and repairing any leaks in your concrete roof. We utilise a variety of methods to improve the leaking areas, depending on the nature of the issue.

Firstly, we use a special sealant to fill in any holes or cracks in the concrete to stop water from getting in. Then we apply a waterproof membrane layer over the area with a risk of leakage. This helps protect against future damage.

If the leak is due to a lack of sealant, we can apply a new coat of sealant over the area. This will help keep the water out and protect against further damage.

If there are any structural issues with your roof, we can also address these by reinforcing them with additional supports. This helps ensure it can handle the weight of rain and snow without causing further damage.

Finally, we can also inspect the roof for any other problems that may be contributing to the leak. If there are any other issues, we can address these as well.

For more information about our concrete roof leak repair services, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you maintain your roof in optimal condition!



Choose High Class Roofing to resolve your roof leak problems with confidence. Our team of experts specialises in identifying and addressing roof leaks promptly and effectively. Furthermore, with our extensive knowledge, advanced techniques, and high-quality materials, we ensure long-lasting solutions that protect your property. Trust us to deliver exceptional service and reliable expertise for all your roof leak needs.


Don’t let roof leaks disrupt your peace of mind. Talk to our team of roof leak experts now and discover effective solutions to safeguard your property. With our expertise, we’ll swiftly locate the leak source and deliver dependable repairs to maintain your roof’s waterproof integrity. Contact us today for prompt assistance and reliable expertise!



Poor maintenance or installation is the primary cause of roof leaks in Sydney’s humid climate.

For serious leaks, it’s advisable to consult a professional roofing contractor in Sydney.

The cost varies based on factors like leak size, repair materials, and additional services needed.

The time varies based on the severity and materials used.

The materials and methods used to repair roof leaks depend on the situation’s specifics. Generally speaking, there are three main approaches we use to repair a leaking roof.


Experiencing roof leaks? Contact us now for professional roof leak services. Our skilled team is ready to assess and resolve your roof leak problems efficiently. Don’t let leaks damage your property any further. Take action today and reach out to us for reliable solutions and peace of mind.