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High Class Roofing expertly installs roof guttering systems for residential and commercial properties.



High Class Roofing expertly provides roof guttering services for both commercial and residential properties. Generally, our experienced professionals dedicate themselves to delivering the highest level of service excellence, ensuring proper protection of your roof against water damage.

One question that we often get asked is whether flat roofs need gutters.  Our team is knowledgeable about the different gutter systems available and can recommend the best options for your specific roofing needs. Basically, by installing the right gutter system, you can ensure that your flat roof is properly protected from water damage and prolong its lifespan.

There are best ways to clean gutters and we understand that a well-maintained roof is essential to protecting your home or business from the elements. In general, our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your roof guttering system is in top condition.

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High Class Roofing offers professional gutter guard installation services to protect your home from water damage. Furthermore, our trained team of roofers will install a variety of gutter guards to keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutters. Choose from a wide variety of styles and materials to discover the perfect solution for your home. Moreover, we can install popular brands like the one from Stratco.

Our gutter guard and downpipe installation process begins with an inspection of your existing gutters. Before installation, we’ll inspect for damage or clogs and ensure the gutters are in good condition.

Basically, once we have inspected your gutters, we’ll measure and cut the gutter guards to fit perfectly. In addition, we use high-quality materials and fasteners to ensure a secure installation that will have long-lasting effects. After installation, we’ll check the gutters again to make sure everything is working properly.



High Class Roofing offers professional gutter replacement services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our expert roofers can replace your old gutters with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. Moreover, we use only the best and right gutter materials available, including aluminium, copper, and galvanised steel. Choose from a variety of colours and styles to find the perfect look for your home or business.

Furthermore, our team of experts will inspect your existing gutters and determine the best course of action for replacement. We’ll then provide you with a detailed estimate that includes all materials and labour costs. Once you approve the estimate, we’ll get to work quickly and efficiently to replace your gutters. We take pride in our workmanship and guarantee a job well done.



We provide a comprehensive gutter maintenance service to keep your gutters in top condition. Generally, our team of experts will inspect and clean your gutters, ensuring that they are free from debris and blockages. Also, we can repair any damage or replace sections of guttering if necessary.

Well-maintained gutters are vital for safeguarding your home from water damage. Basically, regular maintenance will help to prevent blockages, which can cause water to overflow and damage your property.

Futhermroe, our expert team inspects gutters for signs of wear, tear, blockages, and debris. We clean the gutters using a high-pressure hose to remove accumulated dirt and leaves. If necessary, we can also do gutter repairs for any damage or replace sections of guttering.



High Class Roofing provides a variety of leaf guards to protect your roof from leaves, twigs, and other debris. Leaf guards prevent leaves and debris from clogging gutters and downspouts, preventing water damage to your roof.

But how well do gutter leaf guards work? High Class Roofing ensures that its leaf guards are highly effective by using high quality products and materials and implementing proper installation techniques. Our leaf guards are expertly designed to seamlessly integrate with your gutter system, effectively preventing debris entry by eliminating gaps.

They come in a wide range of sizes and shades to match any home’s exterior. Leaf guards are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They can also help reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning out your gutters and downspouts.

Rest assured that our leaf guards protect your roof from leaves and other debris. Contact us today for more information about our leaf guard products!



For top-quality roof guttering services, choose High Class Roofing. We specialise in a wide range of gutter systems, including Colorbond and Zincalume. Furthermore, our professional service covers gutter repairs, downpipe repair, and installation of guttering accessories. Ensure adequate gutter protection with our quality gutter guard system in Sydney, preventing overflowing gutters. Trust us for reliable service and many options to meet your needs.


Take action now and request a quote for our professional roof guttering services. Our team is ready to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and a competitive quote tailored to your specific needs. Don’t wait, reach out today and secure the best solution for your roof guttering requirements.



We offer comprehensive guttering services, including installation, repair, maintenance, cleaning, sealing, and assessment.

Yes, we install new guttering systems. Moreover, we specialise in installing seamless and sectional gutters and related accessories such as downpipes, leaf guards, and shower outlets.

We recommend high-quality materials like aluminium, vinyl, steel, and copper for new gutter system installations.

Yes, we offer maintenance programs specifically for gutter systems.

Typically, our team finishes gutter installations in 1-2 days, accounting for weather conditions and additional tasks. Contact us directly for an accurate timeline tailored to your project.


Ready to enhance your roof guttering? Contact us today for professional and reliable roof guttering services. Our experienced team is here to assist you with gutter installations, repairs, and maintenance. Say goodbye to overflowing gutters and protect your property with our top-notch guttering solutions. Reach out to us now for a consultation and exceptional service.